Saturday, 4 May 2013

First day over with...

Our first day of Arts Week over and done with! I am exhausted but pleased; we have had the loveliest comments from people, for me in every way from opinions on pricing, on frames and on the work itself. It amazes me how different people are and the different things they like. Hours went by with people focusing on one or two obvious ones and then out of the blue someone would make a comment about something I had forgotten even existed. So far my long beach scene (below) is by far the star of the show (not the meadowy ones I was expecting) and people were even gasping and saying "Look at that!". It is heartwarming. And is it really coincidence that the sea pictures (that are the ones I most love doing) are the ones that seem most popular? Does my heart show?

I sold a few cards and two of my very small long thin beach scene "windows". My only dilemma with that is this: does a sale to a friend count as a real sale? Both were to friends and it was very special to wheel out my first ever red dots but somehow I feel I cannot rest on my laurels until I make sale to a stranger. I came pretty close, I think, and I don't think it will be long, but until then I will feel ever so slightly fraudulent.

Day two tomorrow, I wonder what it will bring...

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