Saturday, 2 March 2013


So I have pretty much finished the fox's head for World Book Day. It has been a challenge, not the best quality felting in the world but I think it will hold together for the day. I made the appendages first separately, with fluffy unfelted sections for me to attach to the head. Is it really obvious I modelled the nose around a Bottle Green cordial bottle?
Then I got my trusty inflatable globe ball out and started felting around the northern hemisphere, over the Equator and down to around the Tropic of Capricorn to make the head section. Attaching the ears and nose wasn't easy - especially when I have visions of other children giving them a sharp tug - and the nose has turned out a bit more pendulous (and maybe a bit more phallic, damn the Bottle Green mould!) than I hoped but I think it will hold together. The ball was deflated and then a bit more rubbing and rolling and I had this:-

Most of the day was gone by now and there were puddles of soapy water over most of the kitchen. So down to school and home again, this time with someone to try it on for size (and to show me where the eye holes needed to be cut):-

A bit more rubbing and rolling, to shrink it down and firm it up, yet to be done but I think we are there. At least he will be the only felted fox in the whole school. I had a fear I would have to start the whole process again as the fox's sister said she wanted to be the mouse from the Gruffalo (much more difficult ears to attach) and then the owl (an interesting proposition but quite a job with it having to be finished and dry by Wednesday night) but she has now relented and opted for the Gruffalo costume I made 2 years ago, so I can rest. Two children happy about something. What more could you want?

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