Sunday, 24 February 2013

Arts week preparation, and foxy projects...

Well it has been an eventful week.

One cat less than we began the week with. It was a horrible decision that I had to make at the vets and then I had less than hour to come up with the right words to tell the children about it when I picked them up from school; the fear of their upset was worse than my grief. So imagine my surprise when their response was "Oh OK, have you got anything to eat?". So now my only regret is that I didn't think to get a big handful of his fur to use in my felting. Is that too weird to mention?

The North Somerset Arts Week thing has really taken off and I have very busy meeting all the artists in the Nailsea cluster to get the proofs signed off for the brochure. I have met some wonderful and extremely interesting people, got all sorts of hints and tips and I am just beginning to grasp how helpful this will be in terms of contacts and networking. Encouragingly nobody has sniggered or frowned when they've asked about my art and I've shown them it. As a result of all the people I've met, I now have two people to talk to about framing my pictures for the arts week, a recommendation of some printable fabric sheets (more to come about these below) and a tip-off about the South West Textile Group, sounds like it might be a good group to join.

As for felting itself, I've not had time for anything but my next project has become clear. World Book Day is looming and like so many other schools, ours has decreed that children should dress up as a book character. My 7-year-old has decided that he would like to be a fox, either Fantastic Mr Fox or the fox out of  the Gruffalo and I have a vision of a headdress complete with ears and long nose. It is an ambitious project to say the least. Yesterday we went to the wonderful Spinning Weal in Clevedon and he helped me pick out the raw materials: orange, white and black wool and a piece of black thong for whiskers:-

On Thursday I saw a very good friend who also loves to felt. We had done some felting together the week before; it was Valentine's Day and something in the air, along with the vibrant colours in her wool stash, got to me and I made something quite out of character:-

I don't like it very much at the moment but we had the idea of printing some words onto fabric, cutting them out and sewing them onto it, so I was really glad to hear a recommendation of EQ Printables inkjet fabric sheets from one of my arts week contacts. They have been ordered and I will give you an update soon. But in the meantime let me just show you the amazing picture my friend Laura started while I was messing about with red and pink kitsch; I had introduced her to the wonderful world of Rosiepink and I think it had a profound effect!

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