Friday, 15 February 2013

And some more...

Back from sorting out lunch for three hungry children and myself, now I can dig out some more things to show you...
This was my first attempt at stitching on home-made felt and only took a few minutes. A friend who prefers abstracts says this is her favourite. I'm not sure but I think it could look good in a small frame.
And then we have this one... I made it for a very dear friend who is also very much into her felting. Maybe one day I can show you some of her amazing creations.
And below is one that I made for another good friend. We had a deal whereby I would be a case study for her Indian head massage course; it involved her giving me 4 head massages, such an ordeal, and in return I made her a picture. I think I had the better side of the deal! She wanted 2 pictures so there should be another coming soon: I just need to measure it and its frame again to make sure I make a pair for it. I haven't tried to make felt to a certain size before so that in itself will be a challenge. She wants daisies in the second one, should be good. 
And then there is my paisley pattern...
A while ago I built up my nerve and rang Fizz Gallery in Clevedon to talk to them about taking some pictures and Sandy, one of the owners, asked me to send her some photos by email. It was really nerve-wracking and I likened it to taking all my clothes off and saying to her "Well what do you think?". It was especially hard as it is  the one place I have always had in mind when I have been making all these pictures. I waited and waited and have heard nothing but they are having some big upheavals of their own; my timing has been poor and I am having to think about my next move. Sometimes I guess it would be too easy to have your dreams handed to you on a plate and if I really want this to happen I need to really fight a bit harder for it.

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