Sunday, 17 February 2013

More pictures...

I just realised I have some more pictures that I haven't shown you yet. Once I've got this out of the way I'll know that all my work is on here and I can calm down with the photos and talk a bit more (which may or may not be a good thing).

The first one for today is another version of the panoramic beach scene that is luxuriating in Artfellows until its new owner finds it. It is based on an actual place in Brittany but I can't possibly tell you where, as you might book up the holiday home we rented there when we need it! We spent two weeks there last summer and fell out of our back door every day straight onto this beach...

I'm not sure if you can see it in this photo but I used some lovely variegated metallic thread to highlight the effect of the sun on the sea; I was worried that it might be a bit too bling but I think it works.

I also have another meadowy one:-
And this is my latest finished article; I was in a foul mood one gloomy wet Thursday and thought I would try to snap myself out of it by doing something creative. I am trying to be a bit more arty with my titles too so in a particularly pretentious moment I thought of "15 Squares" for this:-

And that is it for now I think. I have a few others that are unfinished and one or two that really aren't worth showing you. And there is one more but I need to build up a little nerve before I unveil that one, for reasons that will become clear if I ever do...

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