Friday, 15 February 2013

My latest creation

I just wanted to share my latest creation, this time nothing to do with felt. I am honoured that a friend (who is as far as I can tell the best cake maker in the village) has asked me to make a cake for her 40th birthday celebrations tonight. It is quite a responsibility. Chocolate, more than ever, was needed for the occasion. The cake itself - although quite delicious judging from the offcuts - has very obviously sunk in the middle but I remember seeing on a Nigella programme a terribly sunken cake and it was covered in all sorts of fripperies to disguise it. I'm sure I have a memory of her talking about sunken cakes being extra dense and rich and gooey and as this is her recipe I am sticking to that line. The chocolate ganache was thicker than I was expecting and so doesn't look as smooth as I was hoping. So I have gone for the "throw everything available on it" approach and I hope that it has enough bling, and that we have all had enough booze by the time it appears, to get a bit of a gasp when it appears. Happy returns Tamar!

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